Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep Groove Ball Bearings China Suppliers

Detailed Description:

  • Series: 6000,6200,6300,6400,6700,6800,6900,16000.
  • Model Open, Z, ZZ, RZ, 2RZ, RS, 2RS
  • Quality accords with the Industry Standards
  • Types: Single Row DGBB, Double Row DGBB, Stainless DGBB, DGBB with filling slots, Stainless Steel Single Row DGBB, Single Row Hybrid DGBB, Sing Row DGBB for High Temperature, Ploymer Ball Bearings and so on 
  • Bearing is non-separable.

Application :

Bowling pinsetters, electric motors, elevators, fork lift trucks, paper converting, power tools, printing machinery, pumps, textile machinery, woodworking and so on.

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